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Per Se

03/16/2020 - The Village Idiot

How do we survive the idiots of this world? Are they to be tolerated and ignored? Or do we sit back and laugh at their stupidity? I like to just watch them make complete fools out of themselves and treat them as entertainment. Of course, there are times when their stupidity overflows and become more of an irritation, but most of the time it is pure entertainment.

Per Se

"Per se" is a very nice way to identify one of the village idiots. Let's say that our VI gets a "Word of the Day" calendar for Christmas. First, who would give a VI a calendar like that, maybe a village idiot from another village? Well our neighborhood idiot likes the calendar and the first new phrase it learns is "Per se". Now, it does not matter how many times our friend uses the word, it is never - and I mean never - used the right way.

We get to hear it all the time, sprinkled into the conversations like candy on a cupcake. A Per Se here and then another there. Oh, doesn't the village idiot sound so smart. You know they have to have one of them there diplomas on their way.

If you are going to try and learn a new work, then please for everyones sake, learn the meaning of the word and how it is used.

If it is an old word like Per se, why not just say "itself" and get on with things. You are no smarter by showing your dumb ass off.

But hey, don't change on our accounts, we enjoy seeing the Village Idiot in the clown show.